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I'm hoping this game gets some more work on it soon... Really looking forward to where it goes from here. ^_^

Whenever I turn off the computer and go back to play the game it resets even if I saved. Was this supposed to happen?


I'm the programmer on this game. It's not supposed to lose save data between sessions. It stores your saves in the cosmo.sav file, which should be in the same folder as the game exe. 

The first thing that comes to mind is that the game might not be able to create the cosmo.sav file if it's on your desktop or something. You could try moving your installation to a different folder. If you have the game folder open, you should see the cosmo.sav file appear shortly after you enter the name for your first save.

So..."Breeding"...does that mean there's impregnation?~

How does the rabbit unlock the animation?🤔

Where is the archive button?


I got to the end.  Is everything you see capable of being picked up in the demo?  or do you need abilities you don't have yet?

The dog boss is really difficult.  I wish there was some way to know if I was even close or if I should just give up  :P

I really like the metroid feeling of the game otherwise, though.  And love controlling a character who doesn't mind being naked from the waist down.

I think the radio communications are too frequent though.  They really slow things down when what they have to say is obvious.

I like this enough I'd consider buying it when it is released, depending on the price.  :-)


Aw, is this an obligate-bottom game? No topping?



Great art, but controls designed by a toddler and no apparent option to change inputs. First boss also is terrible, and the lock-in time for the attack animation is basically a self-stun with no roll or dodge options to cancel it. 

Someone will definitely just tell me to "git gud" though.


Uhm I couldn't find this in manual, so here it is.

"A" is select, jump.

"S" is attack.

"Enter" is Start (Game Menu).

"F" in menu brings 4 options Communication,Equipment,Navigation and Data view.

The room which has a platform in the middle (after going through a "S" named door) press the up arrow key to save.

Arrow keys to move.

Idk if there are other keys, haven't finished the first boss

Deleted 136 days ago

why i cann't run game


It's too difficult for me to have a cheat code.


Me gusto poder jugar esto debido a que tienen un estilo 2d muy bueno con una historia bastante creativa, espero la versión completa con ansias, las escenas +18 no fui capaz de entenderlas por el idioma registrado en el juego debido a mi falta de habla inglesa, espero se pueda en el futuro cambiar el idioma para una mejor experiencia de este juego a nivel mundial, no sólo para el habla española, sino para muchos más idiomas


two things
one, i can't figure out how to both switch menus, as well as use the radio

I can't use that site for support

I really liked this game. It gave off a cute retro feel with a sorta megaman vibe for the visuals (Sorta. I dunno how to describe it.)

The bosses hit hard but their patterns are super duper simple.

I actually went back and played through it two more times as male and female, grabbing all the bags and getting the top speed result both times.

It's a cute game and when adult moment happen it's enjoyable and I would really enjoy a full version.


Wish there was a easier way to play.
Like maybe a optional cheat invincible mode or mode to edit digits.
To get past the first Dragon with out pausing and smacked health to 0.

And Get through to the content like some that downloaded it.

The dragon was annoying until I realized it's pattern is actually super simple and my punch had a slightly longer ranger than I thought.

Avoid the jump at the beginning, punch, walk under the jump, punch, walk under the jump jump over the fire, repeat until dead. Second fight is a little annoying but basically the same thing.


Despite this being for windows, the controls don't feel like they belong on there. Like why is A the select button for keyboards? Why not enter, the button you press for the title screen? otherwise good game.

I LOVED IT it was so good can't wait for more. this is one of, if not my favorite game I have ever played. i have played hundreds of games aswell


how to put male against female

How to get past the first boss?

Really wish i knew..

It's bothering me too..


Is there a guide for this game somewhere? A walkthrough of some kind of how to actually get past the second boss battle, with the falling debris. The story is interesting, but the combat is very grueling and I really wasn't expecting that. The attack animation has a slight delay, and the clip damage is excessive.

 May I suggest a difficulty level adjuster, like an Easy Mode, where your attacks do more damage and you take less damage from everything? 

And how do you get the key for the rabbit?

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For all the people that are saying that it's hard to beat the boss all you got to do is stock up with food at the store and just keep hitting the boss and eat the food when you get low there's no real hinderance and the boss becomes super easy if you do it that way works for the second fight as well


this game needs a easy mode, simple as that.


Yeah I dont get why they make a porn game a dark souls experience 


We should normalize harder videogames in general. Cuz this kind of game isn't hard, just a REALLY specific way you gotta beat it's obstacles.


Would the developers be so kind and describe how they plan to update the public build?


Fun! Could use a way to swap between communication channels a bit faster (maybe quick-scroll between saved ones?), but otherwise it's a pretty solid game!

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the second time you fight bigbold tho, when the scraps falls down, it might block the way you are trying to run from the boss, and there goes 13 hp because the scrap knocks you back, it happens quite a lot, maybe we could be allowed to attack upwards, and/or make the scraps breakable? it opens up more skill cap while keeping it hard as it is 

and perhaps having them falling right in front of the boss when he jumps should not be allowed, what it currently is feels very dependant on luck as the position of the scraps falling seems totally random so far and players need to pray that the scraps dont fall on the places that secures 2 hits (about 24 hit points with like no counterplay)\

also why is 0.5 seconds of idle time after attacking a thing? 0.5 seconds of attack delay is a thing, but why is it that the player can't eeven move?

Well tbf now at least this is easier than anubis, smaller map and you can actually know where to go

i am stuck : ( at the dog place cant damage boss dog and don't know how to pacify him

When is the next update going to be


To be honest the subject matter and gameplay mechanics are so interesting and well put together, it's a bit of a shame it's an adult game, as I like to show my kids cool indie games I find. It could stand on its own without a lewd subject matter, as an indie NES-style game.


Hit box on the boss is a bit big and while i don't mind him being as hard as he is the first fight why is he so strong the second fight.  Like im sure he's beatable but for a demo boss and a first boss its pratically luck that I'll be able to beat him.

not to mention the mobs are a bit tougher then i think they need to be especially the first ones.


I really like it so far. I definitely want to see more lewd furry metroidvania action :3

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When I tried to run the game my Antivirus moved a file to quarantine. I am unable to delete the folder. I wanted to ask if this was a false positive. Whether it is or not, I'm going to need to delete the folder.

Edit: It took me 20 minutes, but I managed to finally trick my computer into letting me delete the folder by changing its name. (This worked somehow, but enabling permission for Everyone didn't)

I still need to hear what you have to say about what happened here though.


Yes, there are still occasional reports of false positives from antivirus software. Some antivirus software is overly eager to flag any executable that isn't already being used by numerous users.

You could try to add an exception for the game's executable in your antivirus software, or disable the antivirus software before running cosmobreeder.

As for the folder being difficult to delete, that could be due to the AV's quarantine procedure or the way that it terminated the executable causing windows to believe that the folder was still in use.

Doesnt Antivirus have a "Exclude" feature?

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ima be honest i like some of the game but the fighting is just not worth it, it needs alot more polish if im gunna upgrade from the demo to the full game, and if the reason the demo isnt very good is because you arent updating it, then i recommend you update it, zero crush left a lengthier comment i think would be a helpful read and i left a reply on that too, i hope you polish the game more, i would be glad to buy the full game when the demo is better

one more thing, make the menu better, people in the comments shouldnt be asking how to start a save file

Could you make version for Android?

running on linux Mint, using the most recent version of the stable build of WINE. it refuses to run directly from executable, and it says that the executable is invalid when ran through itch.


I haven't used Mint much myself, but I installed it on a computer I have sitting around here to check. I was able to start and play the latest public build via its exe on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon, using the 'wine64' package from the default mint repositories.

Do you only have a 32-bit version of WINE installed, by chance? That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.

Runs great on Windows!


ngl the moment I saw that the planet the game’s set in is called Tutone I wanted to call frequency 867.5309 to see if there’s an easter egg

alas, that’s one digit too long

How do you open the item menu ?

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